Our team

Right Choice Law Company operates on the legal services market since 2011. The Company was founded by legal professionals who have advanced experience in various areas of law. The company focuses on the provision of an extensive range of legal services to local and foreign companies in the sphere of Kazakh and international law.

The company has extensive experience in various industries and specializations: Industry and trade; Banking and Finance; Telecommunications and Transport; Construction and Infrastructure; Internet and Communications; Customs and Tax Law; Securities; Subsoil use; Real Estate; Intellectual property; Corporate Law; M&A and reorganization of legal entities.

We have successfully represented clients' interests, operating in various business sectors. Due to the wide geography of our clientele, the Company acquired a well-deserved international status. Active work is being carried out on the territory of the all the States of the CIS.

We have an extensive experience of participation in court proceedings of all instances of the judiciary, as well as in local and international arbitration courts.

To date, Right Choice LLP is able to provide a full range of legal services to any business, starting with identifying the correct legal form of an entity and to the development and support of legal schemes when making complex structured transactions, including international ones, while minimizing risks and optimizing the tax burden of the Client.