Honors degree of a law degree, KazHLU MES RK (1998)
Candidate of Legal Sciences (Ph.D.). Included in the "Golden Book KazHLU" recognized as "Student of the Year KazHLU" (1996), "Young Scientist of the Year KazHLU" (2002).

The total length of more than 19 years.
subsoil (about 300 legal opinions on the projects, representing the interests of investors, the discussion of draft laws);
intellectual property (copyright protection successful software product "1C" - the first precedent in the post-Soviet space, the successful protection of copyright of the publisher 1st issue of the "Red Book of Kazakhstan", the successful protection of copyrights on the legal database "Paragraph" - the first precedent in Kazakhstan, the trial on the claim of copyright protection to the United Nations Development Programme, the organization of promotional conferences Business Software Alliance and the corporation «Microsoft» together with "Alcee", the creation of collective management societies intellectual property rights, etc. .);
telecommunications (part in creating telecom holdings, the development of schemes of work with retailers, planning legal measures to optimize the monopoly status, litigation with customers);
transport Law (long-term legal support of one of the largest in the CIS freight forwarding companies)
agriculture (establishment of rural consumer cooperatives, legal support credit projects, representing the interests of investors, legal monitoring of agricultural projects, participation in the creation of the holding company with a share of the state, work in "round tables" region. Akimats and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan)
lien (work as Director of the Legal Department of the private Kazakh bank, complex legal support credit projects), etc.

Personal experience includes all aspects of legal practice: the development and discussion of contracts, preparation of legal opinions, in a relationship with individuals, create, re-registration and liquidation of companies, proceedings of disputes by arbitration (as presiding arbitrator and the arbitrators considered about 30 disputes), presentation clients in courts (all instances: first, appeal, cassation, supervision) and other state. agencies, registration of licenses, certificates and other authorizations, comprehensive legal support for the activities of legal persons, etc. etc.

As an expert - lawyer mandated by the Committee for State Property and Privatization Ministry of Finance individually and as a group of experts (economists, marketers, technologists) held legal activity monitoring (for the period from inception) more than 70 private companies (LLC, JSC) with the participation of (stake) state. For the same customers to develop a legal analysis of the investment (20 projects).
 At various times: managing partner of one of Kazakhstan's largest law firms, a partner of one of Kazakhstan's largest law firms, Special (freelance) correspondent of the magazine "Lawyer", the referee International Arbitration Court Kazakhstan, arbitrator of the International Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a leading researcher the Institute of Legislation Ministry of Justice, with 12.2013, the member of the Board of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty City National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, the expert (the arbitrator) of Kazakhstan in the Arbitration Court of the Eurasian Economic Community and the Arbitration Commission of the CIS Executive Committee, with 11.2014, the arbitrator and arbitration Center proceedings (TSATR) National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan

Participated in the drafting of laws and regulations:
- Fundamentals of EurAsEC legislation on the securities market (the concept of the project);
- Fundamentals of Civil Legislation of the EurAsEC;
- Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On people's health and the health care system";
- Law "On rural consumer cooperatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan";
- Law "On Copyright and Related Rights";
- Law "On the Media";
- Law "On realtor activity";
- Law "On National Identity";
- Law "On Amendments to the legislation on architecture, urban planning and construction activities";
- Normative Resolution of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On some issues of application of the law on joint stock companies" and "On the application of Article 3 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan" On amendments and additions to the Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure and Civil Procedure Codes of the Republic of Kazakhstan on improvement of the judicial system "" etc.

Draw on the expertise of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan on civil rights (Normative decision of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 11.06.2014, № 2 "On the constitutionality of paragraph 6 of Article 218 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (General part) of December 27, 1994 № 268-XIII on the proposal Karaganda Oblast Court ").