Debt Management and Asset Return

In light of the current economic and political developments and in the view of the intensive development of banking and business in general, the words "bankruptcy", "debt" and "default" have never been so popular and relevant. If you want to avoid the negative consequences in the course of your business activities, you will need to qualitatively manage your debts.

Right Choice Team is ready to offer a professional approach and a unique experience, both in the field of debt collection, and in the sphere of protection of property interests of debtors and preserve their assets.     

Under this practice, we would like to highlight the following services we provide:
For the Debtors:

  • Development of schemes and mechanisms to facilitate the maximum minimization of debt and ensuring effective protection of assets;
  • Develop and implement schemes of debt restructuring and debt refinancing;
  • Preparation of necessary documents and assistance in the process of fulfillment of obligations by providing a compensation, net basis, the transfer of debt, the debtor's bankruptcy;
  • Development of mechanisms to maximize the benefits and asset protection at all stages of the credit process;
  • Promote the efficient suppression of unlawful acts of the creditor, including prevention of hostile takeovers;
  • Develop and implement alternative tools to meet creditors' claims;
  • A preliminary analysis of the commitments taken or planned to be taken by a client to identify possible adverse effects of material and non-material character due to the presence of overt and covert legal risks.

For Creditors:

  • Collecting debts of the debtor by all lawful means (in pre-trial and in court);
  • Develop and implement effective mechanisms for refinancing and restructuring of the debtor’s debt;
  • Negotiating and organizing collective actions of creditors;
  • Search debtor's assets located in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • Assist in the efficient suppression of unlawful acts of debtors and asset stripping;
  • Representing the interests of the creditor at all stages of bankruptcy and liquidation of the debtor;
  • Support of enforcement proceedings and monitor the actions of law enforcement officials;
  • Debt collection in criminal proceedings;
  • Development of schemes and mechanisms to enforce the obligations of the debtor, aimed at obtaining the maximum satisfaction of the creditor’s claims;
  • Collection of debts arising from regress.

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