Tax Law

Our company has successfully provided a wide range of services in the field of tax law, using a holistic approach in addressing tax issues that arise both in the daily work of companies and when strategic decision-making and execution of complex structured transactions is made.

Based on the characteristics of each situation, we quickly define priorities, which will allow the customer to get the desired results as quickly as possible. Problem-solving strategies in the field of taxation are developed by a group of specially selected lawyers and implies great flexibility to achieve the goal.

Services in the field of tax law include:

  • Assistance in determining the optimal tax regime, registering with relevant tax authorities;
  • Advising on taxation at all stages of the business activity and set up;
  • Development of internal normative standards of the company to work with the tax authorities;
  • Planning tax consequences, potentially coming from the different legal facts;
  • Optimization of the tax burden;
  • Representing clients during tax audits and appeal of their results;
  • Return of overpaid taxes;
  • Settlement of disputes arising from tax compliance issues;
  • Clarification of international tax regulation.

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