Corporate Law and M&A

Due to the complexity of the subject of mergers and acquisitions there is no separate legal act governing such transactions directly, nor the corresponding fields of law on this issue. Nevertheless, the main normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating processes of mergers and acquisitions are the Civil Code, and the Laws on limited and additional liability and joint-stock companies.

Thus, mergers and acquisitions can be attributed to the sphere of corporate law, which regulates the legal status, activities and the creation of business entities, as well as the relationship between the owners and the companies they own.

As part of the practice of corporate law and M & A, we provide the following services:
Support of M&A Transactions

  • Representing the interests of the buyer or seller in an M&A transaction;
  • Legal due diligence and the development of the legal structure of the transaction;
  • Preparation of a complete package of legal documents of the transaction;
  • Maintenance of the procedures and the closing of the transaction, fixing of the performance of obligations.

Establishment and support of joint ventures:

  • Development of the legal structure of a joint venture with the view of stakeholders’ requirements;
  • Preparation of documents required to register a business in the form of a joint venture and venture’s further functionality;
  • Structuring of a corporate governance system of a JV and further legal support its activity (legal outsourcing).

Reorganization of Companies:

  • Development of the corporate scheme of reorganization of a companiy / group of companies;
  • Creating a new corporate structure, optimization of the system of corporate governance;
  • Assistance in the transfer of assets and liabilities into the new structure;
  • Preparation of legal documents: documents of incorporation and corporate decisions and resolutions, as well as other documents related to the reorganization of the company;
  • Support of procedure of succession in case of reorganization of legal entities.

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