Enforcement Law

With the introduction of the institution of private court bailiffs, the situation with the execution of judicial decisions has not seen a radical improvement. Skills of many bailiffs leave much to be desired.

Very often, business entities, having received a judicial act, have no idea of how to effectively implement this judgement.

Our experts in the framework of Enforcement Law Practice provide the following services:

  • Assessment of the prospects of debt collection and search of assets;
  • Developing an effective strategy of debt collection at the stage of execution of a judgment;
  • Participation in negotiations with the debtor on voluntary enforcement of the judgment;
  • Selection of the optimal mechanism of legal action, taking into account the peculiarities of the debtor;
  • Selection of effective private bailiffs tested by positive practical results of execution of court decisions;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of enforcement proceedings and legal assessment of the bailiff and the debtor;
  • Appeal of actions (or inaction) of the bailiff and cases of annulment of bailiff’s decisions;
  • Advising on various issues of enforcement law.

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