Administrative Law and Government Relations

Relations with the republican and local authorities is an important component of running a successful business in Kazakhstan. Most private and public relations are not only regulated by law but are also regulated by fact by relevant government authorities and can not be fully resolved without their participation.

Practical and business skills of our lawyers can effectively lobby the interests of our clients at different levels of the government agencies in order to obtain the most positive outcomes.

Our practice in the field of Administrative Law and Government Relations includes:

  • Advice on legal issues of interaction between businesses and the state authorities on the standards and regulations of the countries of the CIS, as well as representing the interests of businesses in all branches, levels and agencies of the government;
  • Consulting and direct support of licensing processes starting from the registration and submission of license applications to obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses;
  • Representing clients in the course of inspections by government authorities;
  • Representing clients in the course of judicial and non-judicial disputes and administrative cases.

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