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Entertainment Industry
Show-business as a special direction of the entertainment industry which encompasses a variety of types and genres of art. As a rule, show-business refers to performance of musical pieces, designed for a mass audience. However, in the broader sense, the term show-business includes not only the musical staging, but many other related cross-functional activities: film industry, mass sports, TV shows, beauty contests and music broadcasting. Show-business like any other business requires regulation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of its members.

Another direction of the entertainment industry, which is gaining popularity among entrepreneurs and investors in Kazakhstan - is gambling, which with the introduction of gambling zones, has become even more fast-growing and perspective. The of the Republic of Kazakhstan on gambling in general regulates the relations connected with this activity, but some of its provisions need to be clarified, and this is primarily due to the fact that the law is full of cross-references.

Under this practice, we offer the following types of legal assistance:

  • Analysis and legal support of various types of transactions (contracts between members of musical groups; contracts with managers, contracts with record companies, contracts with promoters and producers, contracts with commercial companies, sponsorship contracts, contracts with distributors, etc..)
  • Legal support for the organization of concert and tour activities;
  • Protection of rights on digital content;
  • Promote the pretrial and trial settlement of disputes relating to breach of contract, copyright infringement, fees (royalty) etc;
  • Clarification of the legal requirements for entrepreneurs and potential investors, and offer practical recommendations for optimizing the operation of gambling businesses;
  • Legal outsourcing for gambling enterprises. 

Our company pays special attention to the development of sports law, providing a wide range of legal services to both athletes and companies operating in the sports industry. We can distinguish the following types of services in the field of sports law:

  • Advising on the application of the law on physical culture and sports and sporting regulations;
  • Advising on the organization and preparation of international sporting events;
  • Advice on sports sponsorship deals, use and protection of commercial rights and other rights of the organizers during sporting events;
  • Conflict management in the field of physical culture and sports and representation in the settlement of disputes in sports;
  • Preparation of legal documents in the field of physical culture and sports;
  • Legal aid players by changing the national association ("soccer citizenship");
  • Comprehensive legal support (legal outsourcing) for sports organizations, as well as representation of professional athletes (labor relations, transfers, change of "football citizenship" and so forth.).

With the improvement of people's welfare and increase the purchasing power of the population of Kazakhstan, there is an increasingly growing interest in tourism and therefore citizens of Kazakhstan are increasingly resorting to the services of different travel agencies and firms.

Our company provides full legal support of such agencies and companies and our services within this practice include:

  • Legal outsourcing for entrepreneurs engaged in tourism activities;
  • Analysis, legal expertise and development of sample and other types of contracts for the provision of tourist services;
  • Representing the interests of businesses involved in tourism activity in the state bodies, as well as facilitating pre-trial and judicial settlement of disputes.

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