Customs Law

Our specialists have extensive practical experience and knowledge in the field of national customs legislation and the legislation of the Customs Union.
By working closely with the executive and legislative bodies of the Eurasian Economic Commission, we are able to most effectively use and apply all the peculiarities of the Customs Union legislation in the best interest of our clients.

Within the framework of the Customs law practice, we provide a wide range of services including:

  • Determination of the optimal customs regime;
  • Optimization customs fees and reducing the risk of overpayment of customs duties in connection with the change of the customs regime;
  • Protection of views on the definition of customs value and origin of the goods;
  • Clarification of international customs regulations of the Customs Union;
  • Building up profitable relationships with brokers;
  • Participation during customs inspections;
  • Appeal of customs authorities’ decisions and assist in the resolution of other disputes arising from customs relations;
  • Advising on customs regulations of the Customs Union;
  • Return of overpaid taxes, excise taxes, charges and fees;
  • Representing clients in state authorities on customs regulations.

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