Kazakh State Academy of Law - Kazakh Humanitarian Law University, Department of "Business Law" (2004).

Mr. Bratus, as managing partner and head of Contract Law, Banking Law, Family Law, Insurance and Corporate Law, practices has more than 9 years of experience in legal sphere in the field of banking, corporate and family law, as well as experience in representing the interests of clients in courts of general jurisdiction, as well as in arbitration courts.

Evgeniy specializes in the assessment of projects of international agreements and their accordance with the law. He has a vast experience as a compliance officer of a company, experience of due diligence, preparation of legal opinions on the clarification and application of international law; due diligence of credit and other financial instruments, drafting and preparation of appeals to the courts and law enforcement agencies, interaction with government agencies and organizations.

Mr. Bratus has participated in meetings of the working groups on the amendment to the legislation of Kazakhstan (more than 40 regulatory acts have been developed with Mr Bratus’ direct participation).

Having held managing positions in the legal department of one of the major banks in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Evgeniy had gained invaluable experience in dealing with problem loans, debt management, and the development of optimal schemes of financing and restructuring of loan projects.

During his legal practice, Mr. Bratus has taken part in more than 220 trials with special difficulty, majority of which had been decided in the bank’s favor.
Also Evgeniy Bratus was directly involved in the first and successful in Central Asia debt restructuring of a bank (the bank's liabilities were reduced by more than $ 2 billion. USD).

Kazakhstan Bar Association – Association of Commercial Lawyers